Our Church


Worship is a key element in the life of New Hope Chapel, and the primary purpose for which we gather on Sunday mornings. We believe in the free exercise of worship in all its scriptural forms within the bounds of proper order. We would probably be described as conservative by those who attend Pentecostal churches and as demonstrative by those from traditional churches. The truth is that we are somewhere in between. Above all, we seek to worship God in a way that is free and is in accordance with his will for us week-by-week. If he wants to lead us in a new direction on any given Sunday, we will not stand in the way.


Music is a large part of the worship service here at New Hope Chapel. We believe that the God of the universe is worthy of our praise and that we can express our love to Him through singing, dancing and lifting our hands to Him, as well as through quiet meditation. Our worship band mostly plays songs written by contemporary composers such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Darlene Zschech, but because traditional hymns have lyrics that still teach and bless, we include these in our Sunday service also.

Occasionally, when the offering is collected, there is a chance for the congregation to listen to a song, an instrumental piece or watch a worship dance. This is a time in which the musician or dancer seeks to share their particular gift in order to minister to and bless both God and the congregation.

Check out the New Hope Music website at www.newhopemusic.com. This website is a resource that makes music written by some of our members available to the greater Christian community at no cost. Most of the songs have been written by Ralph Merrifield, who is a member of the worship team on Sunday mornings. His choruses have been translated and distributed internationally.