Who is Jesus?

In this age of religious pluralism and moral relativism, we are told that all religious belief systems are equally valid. We are also told: As long as we are sincere in our belief, we will get to heaven. Jesus teaches us otherwise. That is why we need to examine who Jesus is and what he said. The answers are found in the Bible, and backed up by other historical documents and archeological evidence.

Jesus is a Man

Jesus is a man who lived a brief 33 years. In the four “biographies” found in the Bible, we discover that he was born and that he laughed, cried, sweated, and got tired like any other human being. The Bible says that he was tempted to selfishness, rebellion and unbelief but unlike the rest of us, he did not succumb to them. Most say that he was a good man; some say he was a great prophet but we know he’s much more.

Jesus is God

We believe that he existed before the beginning of time as God, the Son. Some two thousand years ago, he entered time and took up the nature of a man on earth. He lived out a life of love and service in perfect godliness. He spoke truth uncompromisingly and called people to submit to God’s rule in their life. He fulfilled his ultimate purpose by allowing men to execute him on a cross. On that cross, he took upon himself our pain, grief and wrongdoings, and became the sacrificial payment that makes us right with God. He confirmed his purpose by then rising from the dead and later ascending to heaven where he exists today.

Jesus is the Way

Jesus says that he is the only way to a right relationship with God and ultimately, heaven. The Bible (and our conscience) teaches us that we are not “good enough” to live with God in heaven. It further teaches us that by Jesus’ death a bridge has been opened for us to get back to God.

Trusting Jesus

It is not enough to know about Jesus. We must admit that our thought, words and actions have pushed God away. We must believe that only Jesus has made a way to a restored relationship with God through his death. And then we must commit to a life of following him. You will never regret it!

If this is all new to you and a little confusing, we have all been there. It is really a simple step of faith. If you have questions or would like to find out more, please contact us or check out this good online description of Jesus’ message.